Our Vision

These values have been, and always will be, crucial to our success and an uncompromising part of what makes us Vericon.

We conduct all of our business dealings with the utmost honesty, transparency, respect, and fairness. This includes our interactions with our clients, our vendors and each other.

We are guided by a set of core Vericon Customer Service Principles that are vital to building strong client relationships and customer satisfaction. These principles are a building block to a continuous path of improvement.

Our reputation for performing quality work, both in the field and office, is paramount. We take pride in our work and always challenge ourselves to produce high quality results.

We practice fiscal responsibility for our clients, our vendors, and ourselves. We respect budgets, spending, and cash flow, and always seek cost efficient solutions.

We value a positive work environment, emphasizing an open, collaborative, hardworking, and philanthropic, but also fun atmosphere.